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Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2018

Learning Languages Made Easier

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So many people from other countries speak many languages, but we typically don’t because new languages are hard to learn using traditional methods of learning.

You can do minor translations on the fly with various apps and websites but you won’t learn anything. 

There is an online resource that can make learning that new language a more social experience, because you get to learn with others and challenge them while you are learning. takes learning a new language to a different level. they allow you to connect through Facebook or Twitter which will allow you to track your friends that are learning a new language with you.

They use many pictures, words, sentences and more interactive methods for learning, so you can quickly learn basic lessons then move on to advanced levels. 

By simply dedicating a few minutes a day to learn the lessons, you will be speaking, understanding and possibly even writing in that new language. 

Give it a spin for yourself at: