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Original Air Date: May 13, 2019

Smartphone Security Tips

Our smartphones have as much personal information stored on them as our computers, but because they are portable, they pose a much greater security threat.

If someone with ill intent gets their hands on your phone, they can wreak lots of havoc including locking your out of your own accounts, so if you don’t have a passcode lock setup yet, do it right away.

If you plan on getting rid of a smartphone, there are a number things you should be doing to it before it leaves your possession.

Your first step is to reset to phone to the factory default, which will wipe out all of your sensitive personal data, info and files.

A lot of smartphones have an optional memory expansion slot, so if you used it, make sure to remove it or format the card if you’re selling it before you part with your device.

If you’re switching cell providers, make sure you dispose of your old SIM card before getting rid of the phone as well. If you’re staying with the same provider, move the SIM card to your new phone.

The factory reset of the entire phone should be easy to find somewhere in the device settings menus.

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