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Original Air Date: May 27, 2019

Disinfect Your Smartphone

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No matter how much you may try to keep your smartphone clean, it’s going to be full of bacteria that loves living on your devices.

If you’re afraid of touching the door handle to a public restroom, you should be more afraid of your phone as it’s been suggested that it’s eighteen times the filth of a restroom door knob.

The device itself along with how we typically store it in dark, warm places provides everything that bacterial want to thrive.

Constantly wiping your phone off with a harsh chemical wipe can do damage to your touch screen, so that’s not a good option.

A scientifically proven method of keeping your phone sanitized is available from the folks at

The approach they take is to blanket your smartphone with UV light, which allows them to disinfect your device while it’s charging.

When you first hear about this method, it may seem a little out there, but a video shot during a multi-day lap test shows just how effective it can be.

Watch the lab test video and learn more at: