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Original Air Date: Jun 3, 2019

Augmented Reality Game Play

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Most of us aren’t avid gamers that spend hours every day playing, but most of us do enjoy an escape at times.

If you’re looking for something completely different than a card game on your smartphone, there’s an interesting augmented reality game called Ingress that you may want to check out.

Leveraging the power of your smartphone combined with your location emerges you into the game wherever you may be looking for something called XM.

The best analogy I can think of is a virtual capture the flag game with lots of other people.

Locations in your physical world will be listed as portals that contain the all important XM, which when visited requires certain action for the game play.

You could end up discovering all kinds of new places all around you whether you are at home or visiting an unfamiliar place.

If you’ve never really experienced augmented reality, this may be your gateway to this emerging technology!: