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Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2019

Auto Savings App

It’s no secret that most US citizens have a hard time saving money, though most would like to make it happen.

Younger people have little to no savings and generally don’t begin saving until their mid-30’s.

One of the many companies trying to help people start painlessly saving money is called Digit.

Their approach examines your personal spending needs and habits to figure out what you can save without missing other payments.

By understanding your financial patterns, it can figure out the spare amounts that you won’t need for your regular expenses and put it into a separate account.

The FDIC insured account gets built up with small, but regular amounts of money that you won’t need. This account won’t generate any interest, but not much is available that will these days.

Anyone looking for a way to start saving or help someone else start to save money should look into how Digit works at