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Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2019

Visualizing Data Made Easy

Let’s start today’s tip with a little explanation of a tech term: Word Cloud

You may not have ever heard the term, but you’ve most likely seen a word cloud.

It’s those visual clusters of random words in a graphic image that shows the words used the most in the largest font or brightest color.

Taking a large amount of text and viewing it through a word cloud allows useful themes to emerge.

It’s a quick way to make sense of lots of feedback from your customer reviews, instead of having someone read them one at a time.

An easy way to start making your own word clouds is at a site called TagCrowd which allows you to copy and paste your text, upload a document or even evaluate any web page.

I’ve used it in presentations and for leading team meetings and recommend that everyone in business take a minute to see if a word cloud can make an impact in your business: