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Original Air Date: Jul 3, 2019

Never Miss a Concert

Today’s tip will help keep you from missing shows from your favorite bands that come to your area.

Rather than having to track your favorite bands individually via social media or a fan website, here’s a way to track them all in one place.

Start by visiting the website, where you can get the app for your smartphone and connect your Facebook profile for a much easier way to track show for your favorite groups.

Once you’ve get it all setup, you’ll get a notice every time one of your favs is set to play in your town as well as provide options of similar bands.

The real power of this app is how it cultivates the lists of the bands you love so you don’t miss their next gig.

It does it by scanning the various music apps on your smartphone along with the songs that you listen to a lot and the bands that you like on Facebook.

With Bands in Town you can let technology do all the work so you can catch your favorite artists when they come to your town!