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Original Air Date: Jul 4, 2019

Fireworks Picture Taking Tips

It’s the 4th of July and that means that we’re all going to be watching the sky light up with fireworks.

Anyone that’s struggled to get a decent picture of the light show in the sky, should listen closely to today’s tip.

If you don’t understand what it takes to be successful, it’s nearly impossible to get that perfect shot as the flashes pop above you.

With just a few quick adjustments to what you’ve been doing can easily improve your results.

Keeping your camera perfectly still is critical, so start by getting a tripod that will make it possible.

The flash is useless, so turn it off and look for either a night or better yet, a fireworks setting.

For even better results, look for a ‘burst’ mode, which take a lot of pictures in succession.

Try to setup at a place where you aren’t shooting straight up, but rather from a far enough distance that the show is more in front of you.

For those with cameras that offer manual setting options, a more detailed list of suggestions is posted