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Original Air Date: Jul 5, 2019

Memory Saving Tip

If you have noticed that popping around the Internet has become a bit slower, you’re probably not imagining things, especially if you like opening a lot of different pages at the same time.

it’s really great that we can have lots of different web pages open at the same time, but that can come at a cost.

Separate tabs are great because it makes it easy to go from one unrelated page to another.

The problem with this helpful option is that it will consume lots of working memory with each new tab that you open.

The best approach to this awesome capability is to not get overly generous with the number of tabs you open.

The reason that you should pay attention to how many websites you open at the same time is that it can reduce the speed of everything you do on your computer.

For those that have a chronic problem with too many tabs, there’s an add-on for that if you use Google’s browser. 

Instead of piling up the open websites, the OneTab add-on will consolidate all of the background tabs into one page.

By doing so, it frees up lots of wasted memory so your computer can run more efficiently even though you are a tab-o-holic!

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