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Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2019

Running With Zombies

Today’s tip is for anyone looking to punch up their morning run.

If you’re a big zombie fan, checkout the Zombie, Run app for both Android and iPhone users. It’s a virtual Walking Dead workout.

Could the threat of being caught by a zombie motivate you to run a little harder at the end of your workout?

This could be just the thing you’re looking for to make those boring runs more exciting.

Just pick one the more than 200 missions, slap in your earbuds and take off to get things started.

It’s an immersive running experience tailor made for the zombie fan in all of us.

Not only can you get the motivation from the zombies, you can do it while listening to your favorite playlists as well.

You can make your morning runs in the real world a lot more interesting and entertaining while becoming a hero in the virtual world at