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Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2019

Houzz - Design Inspiration

For anyone in the midst of a home remodeling or even new construction project, there’s an amazing resource that can fuel your inspiration

A website called is a collection of images presented by professional designers and construction companies that can help you.

It’s far more than a bunch of pictures as you can research ideas by room, create your own library of ideas and contact professionals from virtually every trade to help you accomplish your vision.

The site also has an active user base that discusses virtually any topic or question that you may have.

For those in the trade that haven’t started using the site, it may be a great way to show folks in your backyard the kind of results that you’ve delivered for other customers.

Even if you think you’ve got the design that you want, spending some time looking through the visual ideas posted at or downloading their mobile app could take your great design ideas to the next level!