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Original Air Date: Aug 28, 2019

How To Kill Fake Pop-Ups

How many times has this happened to you?: you popping around the Web and suddenly a security pop-up appears on your screen claiming that you computer is in dire straits.

Since it looks very much like an official Windows screen, if you click on any of the buttons, you can expect nothing good will happen.

In some cases, if you do click on virtually any part of the pop-up, the result can be a locked computer with only an offer of salvation when you agree to pay them.

These sophisticated scams continue to evolve and catch lots of people off guard.

What’s really important to understand is that even if you click on a button that says cancel or even what appears to be the red X the corner, you can still be victimized.

That’s why we wanted to review the steps to take whenever anything like this appears - kill off the session instead of clicking on anything.

Windows user can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Task Manager and Mac users can use Ctrl-Option-Esc to Force Quit the pop-ups.

If you want to see this in action, we have a video tutorial we created located at: