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Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2019

Internet Archive

Although the Internet is still relatively young, the changes that have occurred are pretty dramatic, especially when you look back to the early years.

An awesome way to see the old web is at a web tool called the Wayback Machine that has been archiving the web since 1996.

It allows you to literally go back in time in their archives to see what lots of websites looked like as they changed.

You start by typing in the website that you want to reflect on, which generates a timeline of snapshots that the system has taken.

Each circle on a date represents a snapshot that the system took.

When they started the project, they were just grabbing home pages, so don’t expect the full website experience.

They’ve updated their technology to grab more, so the later years are likely to have more content for your enjoyment.

It’s great to know that even the big tech giants had embarrassing websites in the early days, which you can checkout for yourself at