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Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2019

Smartphone Reading Glasses

Anyone that has to use reading glasses to be able to make use of their smartphone has probably found one without the other on many an occasion.

Lots of us simply buy a pile of reading specs and leave them in our most common daily deer trails.

If you’re constantly searching around for glasses when you want to read something on your smartphone, why not have a pair of glasses attached to your smartphone?

A company called Thin Optics has created a potential solution for people that have this problem - it’s a smartphone case that has a slot for their thin reading specs.

Because they don’t actually include the typical arms for reading glasses, they are thin enough to slip into the case.

You can get an entire case with the compartment or add the compartment to just about any existing case you have.

At $20 to $40, this inexpensive option may be just the solution that some of you have been looking for.

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