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Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2019

LinkedIn Connection Requests

It’s pretty obvious that social networking has become a major communication method not only for us personally, but professionally as well.

Every working person that’s interested in creating new opportunities or meeting like minded professionals should have an updated LinkedIn profile.

If you haven’t done much with LinkedIn, it’s important that you don’t treat it like a personal social network. It’s not so much about the people you already know and more about making new contacts that could help you many ways professionally.

When it comes to accepting connections, refusing the connection just because you don’t know them would be like refusing to accept a business card from someone you don’t know in real life.

You shouldn’t accept any connection request without first spending a minute reviewing the person’s profile and background.

I don’t accept connections from profiles that don’t have a picture, have very few connections, haven’t filled out their profile or if they’re from foreign countries with no connection to what I do. 

You can kick someone from your network just as quickly as you accept them, so don’t be afraid to accept connections once you’ve vetted them.

When they try to force a sales pitch on you or abuse the connection in any way, use these steps to get rid of them: