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Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2019

Cool Tool for Chrome

Today’s tip is for anyone that uses Google’s productivity software, especially their spreadsheet tool called Sheets.

There’s a free browser plug-in that will add a cool option to Chrome that’s a great help should you ever need to convert any spreadsheet to a document.

Anyone that’s ever had to incorporate a portion of a spreadsheet into a word processing document knows about potential formatting issues.

With the ‘Save As Doc’ plug-in, you can convert an entire worksheet or any portion that you choose to become a document file.

I found it really helpful for converting the results from a Google Survey that I setup into a more usable report for a meeting.

If you typically copy and paste to try to get spreadsheet info into a document, you’ll love this tool.

It’s a pretty simple tool to use and it just sits idly by in Chrome until you need it. Get it here: