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Original Air Date: Nov 1, 2019

Mobile Security App Reminder

Your smartphone is actually a pretty safe way to access important information as long as you stick to apps from two main app stores for iPhones and Android devices and you haven’t disabled the built-in security controls for both platforms.

If you’re a tech savvy user, you may have decided to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android phone, allowing you to download and install anything from anywhere, which also puts you at the highest risk of loading a malicious app.

That used to be the only way that the malicious apps could bypass the security in place by the two app stores, but those days are over.

Cleverly written text messages, emails or social media posts may entice people to ‘checkout a new app’ with fantastic looking features, which can lead you to a dangerous place.

In some cases, clicking through to the rigged website with the app can start the process of exploiting you with what looks like a totally legit website.

Just remember, only download and install apps that you specifically went in search of, because even what appears to be a legit link posted by a friend could be the result of a compromised social media or email account.

If you don’t have a security app watching over your installs, take a look at Lookout: