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Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2019

Location-Based Augmented Reality App

As much as virtual reality has been hyped up, it’s augmented reality that has a much better chance of providing usable tools for the average user.

Augmented reality combined with location data from your smartphone is proving to be a solid use for the technology.

Back when I first tested Google Glass, one of the apps that made use of the platform was called Field Trip and it works just as well on any smartphone.

It’s much more than how Google Maps makes you aware of what’s around you because much of the information can be for things that aren’t even there anymore.

Lots of historic information for things around you can be learned just by opening the app while you are walking around.

You can let the app know what your interested so it can alert you as you wander around familiar or unfamiliar places.

The things I’ve learned from the app around where I live an work have been pretty cool.

It can also be a great help when you travel, acting as kind of a virtual insider wherever you are.

Discover things all around you by downloading the app from