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Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2019

Legit Survey Rewards App

How many times have you seen those offers to get paid for taking a survey and assumed that they were a scam?

Well, for the most part, they aren’t what they appear to be, but there is one exception.

The folks at Google created their Opinion Rewards program initially for Android users years ago, but it’s now available to iPhone users as well. I mean, if Google is gather all this info on you, why not get reimbursed, right?

Once you download the app, it will present you with surveys from time to time through a notification that can earn you credits in the Google Play store.

The credits can be used to buy apps, music and rent movies and the survey’s only take a minute or so to answer.

A couple example of the questions are like "Which promotion is most compelling?" or"When do you plan on traveling next?".

I’ve been participating for years and have earned lots of credits that I’ve been able to use on items that I would have paid for otherwise.

If you want to check it out, just search your app store for Google Opinion Rewards