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Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2020

Screen Privacy Tip

Being paranoid about those around you in public places sneaking a peek at what’s on your laptop screen isn’t a bad thing.

The term visual hacking was created for this all-too-common situation when those around you may get a bit nosey.

We’re all trying to keep our distance these days, but someone that’s looking over your shoulder from an angle can be stopped with today’s tip.

You can add a simple layer of protection on all of your screens with a product known as a privacy screen.

This add-on will magically make your screen look like it’s black to those around you because it requires viewing of your screen directly.

These screens can be easily removed if you need to make a presentation, so it’s not a permanent setup.

If you want the same privacy on your mobile devices, you’ll get a second benefit as they also serve to protect your screens from impact damage.

Learn more about 3M’s range of screen privacy products at: