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Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2020

Single Screen Messaging App

Take a minute to think about how many different apps and tools you use on a regular basis to interact with all your friends, family and business contacts.

For most of you, the list is probably a lot longer than you thought since many people have a preferred communication channel for connecting with you.

This leads to the process of starting with the person, then working through the list of apps to figure out which one they prefer.

If this is happening to you on a regular basis, check out the app designed to streamline communications called Drupe.

This app will consolidate all your contacts and all of the most popular messaging tools onto a single screen.

Instead of having to go to each individual app, simply drag the picture of your contact to the messaging app of choice in the Drupe app to launch a session.

It’s interface can be used for so many regular tasks, which is why we are spotlighting it again.

The days of phone, fax and email as the only ways to communicate are relics of the past, so keep up with all of today’ channels at: