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Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2021

Powerful Free Business App

Gathering with your coworkers to come up with new ideas or to solve a common problem, whether in-person or virtually means that someone has to be responsible for taking all of the notes for the session.

If you’re that someone, there’s an app that was designed for lots of business uses that could be a big help.

The Microsoft Office Lens app allows you to gather notes from handwritten pages, whiteboards, on a screen or chalkboard and convert everything into a PDF file.

Some of the cleanup tools like off-angle image straightening can seem downright magical when you use them.

Once you captured the notes and images, they can remain images or be converted to a variety of document formats for editing and distribution.

Even if you’re not the designated note-taker, this app is great for capturing business cards and converting them into contacts.

It’s a great app for any business professional for mobile devices and desktops alike:

Android Devices -
Apple Devices -
Windows Computers -