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Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2013


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The Internet is so useful today because of a simple, but powerful tool known as the hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are words or images that when clicked lead to more information about that item; we click on those ubiquitous blue links every day.

But what happens when a word or phrase doesn’t have a hyperlink but you want more information?

You typically have to copy the word, open a new browser tab, past the word into search and weed through the results…but not any more!

If you use Google’s Chrome browser or have an Android phone or tablet, you can add an extension called Kikin ( that’s K I K I N) that gives you the ability to get more information on ANY word you see on ANY page you visit.

You just click and hold any word you want more information on until Kikin’s bubble appears and when you let go a column on the right side will pop up with lots of useful info.

Websites, pictures, videos, news and maps that have anything to do with THAT word will be neatly organized without ever leaving the page you were on.

You parents that help your kids with homework online will love the efficiency that Kikin provides and its free!