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Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2013


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Few things are as personal and important as finding a doctor that you feel comfortable with and asking your friends for recommendations is generally how we attempt to find the best docs in town.

But what if you need a specialist, or you just moved to a new town or none of your friends suggestions worked for you?

That’s where a couple of web resources may be just what the doctor ordered (yeah I said it!)

ZocDoc and BetterDoctor make it real simple to find doctors in your area by answering three simple questions: your desired specialty, your location and your health insurance company.

You’ll get a list of doctors that are covered by your insurance plan, reviews and ratings, contact info and in some cases the available times so you can book an appointment online.

And it’s not limited to primary physicians either… you can find dentists, therapist, chiropractors or just about any specialists that your aching body may need.