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Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2021

Hotel Reservation Exchange

The promise of the Internet was to create one-to-one connections for anyone that participates.

One of the travel connection services online is in the realm of hotel reservations that are no longer needed by the original booker via a group that calls themselves Roomer.

It’s essentially an exchange for buyers and sellers of hotel reservations similar to those that help those looking to sell concert tickets by making it much easier than selling on their own.

Our tests of the site seemed to imply that the best deals are available when you are searching for a room in a large urban area.

Keep in mind that flexibility is the key to getting the best deals, which means if you are limited to a specific number of days, this may not yield the best results.

Taking advantage of the entire unneeded reservation is the best way to save money because you’re helping the original booker out.

This is also a bookmarkable website in the event you ever find yourself in a situation of hotel reservations that you can’t use: