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Original Air Date: Sep 14, 2021

Newbies Wine App

The world of wine is both fascinating and intimidating for the uninitiated, but an adventure well worth exploring.

While it may seem overwhelming when you’re just getting into it, an app called ‘HelloVino’ can help you start to gain confidence in your selections.

One of my favorite things about wine is when it is properly paired with food, which can also reduce the intimidation factor with the thousands of grape varietals that make wine.

When paired properly, the experience can be almost magical and a sublime discovery of tastes that is addicting.

Keep in mind that virtually every dish you love has a solid wine pairing, so it’s not just for high prices cuisine in fancy restaurants.

One of the great uses for the app is when you have a group looking to share a bottle at a restaurant.

Reviewing the potential meals to be ordered and entering them into the pairing section of the app will make that confusing wine list more helpful.

Whether you’re going to order wine by the glass or bottle, using the app to find the best possible pairings makes the dining experience a lot more enjoyable: