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Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2021

Critical Protection Reminder

Compromising online accounts is a lucrative business for the underworld, which is why I’m constantly preaching the value of activating two-factor security wherever it’s available.

It’s a basic security step that will incorporate a special code that gets sent to your smartphone whenever the site sees your credentials being used on a new device or location.

It’s akin to requiring a PIN when using your debit card, which is something you have - the card - and something you know - the PIN.

While this is far from perfect protection, it does make it much more difficult to gain access to your accounts even when they have swiped your username and password because they’ll also have to swipe your smartphone in order to get in.

As an added bonus, it turns into a warning system should you ever get a code out of the blue, which means someone is trying to get into your account.

The steps for setting this up differs by account type, but you can get specific instructions for lots of popular sites at: