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Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2021

Useful Mapping Tools

As good as Google Maps has become, there are still situations where you need more information added to your maps than they can provide.

For both business and personal needs, there are often times when you need to annotate maps for a variety of reasons.

Whenever you can think of the need to add something to a map of any kind check out the tools at Scribble Maps.

You can add icons, directional arrows, your own images and pictures along with dozens of other little annotations to totally customize your maps.

One common use is when you have to provide specific directions for a large gathering or creating an archive for a trip that you’ve taken.

This resource is both free to use and requires no special software to be set up because it works in your browser.

Check out the video that explains how it works along with a quick way to start creating your own maps at: