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Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2014

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We all love our pets and most of us treat them like humans on many occasions, but since they're not human, they can’t tell us what’s wrong when they’re sick.

Taking fido or fluffy to the vet is the obvious first choice, but when that’s not an option, might be able to provide some insight.

PetMD is the most comprehensive website for pet health, nutrition care and feeding that I’ve ever visited.

They have everything from symptom checkers to a complete health library to an explanation of veterinary terms.

If you’re experiencing strange behaviors, you can scan their well designed emergency section to try to determine what’s at the root of your pet’s discomfort.

PetMD isn’t just for urgent health issues, they have lots of great information on breeds, proper care and feeding and can even help you find a name for that new puppy or kitten.

Ever wonder why dogs eat grass or what to do when you discover a lump on your dog? PetMD has the answers.

By the way, PetMD isn’t just for cat and dog owners. If you’re a pet ower of any kind, is a great resource to add to your web bookmarks.