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Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2014

Apple Watch

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One of the most anticipated product launches in recent history was the new Apple Watch.

While it won’t be available until next year and it’s got a steep starting price tag of $350, it’s generating a lot of excitement.

As usual, Apple is attempting to do it better, but the smartwatch category has some real challenges.

I’ve had a smartwatch for a while now, and at the moment, all smartwatches seem to be a solution searching for a problem.

This may change as new use cases are developed, but until they don’t have to be tethered to a smartphone, I’m skeptical about their usefulness.

We don’t know what battery life will be like, but Apple’s first generation will likely require you to recharge it every thanks...I’ve already got enough to charge.

If anyone can advance the ball in smartwatches, I’d bet on Apple, but unless you’re an early adopter, gadget freak with lots of disposable income, let this category mature.

Wearable technology is certainly exciting but it’s at such an early stage; lots of sizzle with very little steak.

My advice; wait for the steak!