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Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2014

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Often times, hiring an expert to get up to speed on a subject or trend is the fastest path to learning.

But where do you turn to find these experts?

A relatively new online resource called 24sessions bills itself as a global community of experts that are available via live video.

Subject fields currently include marketing, tech, strategy, coaching and training, sales, legal and financial with a large number of international experts.

This could prove to be especially helpful if you’re trying to learn how to do business in other countries.

If you’re an expert in your own right and want to make yourself available to others, you can apply to become an expert at

The rates for a session range from free to hundreds of dollars depending upon the field and the expert.

You can search by topic, tags and language or send out a general request for an expert.

They offer practice sessions so you can test out the service and if you choose to hire an expert, they offer a satisfaction guarantee to minimize your risk.

That’s at