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Original Air Date: Jul 2, 2015

iPhone’s Guided Access

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It’s no secret that the iPhone and iPad have become electronic babysitters for millions of parents, but giving a young child full access to everything on your device is a little risky.

A feature in iOS that a lot of people don’t seem to know about can easily safeguard your device when you hand it to a child.

It’s called Guided Access and it allows you to lock the device to only allow one app to run.

Once you activate it, you can choose any app, lock the system to that app and hand it off knowing they can’t get into anything else.

If you have a number apps you want them to give them access to, using the Restrictions settings can safeguard individual apps.

Both of these features can be setup very quickly in the Settings menu and it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist, so it’s very convenient.

I’ve posted the how-to links for both features at

Tomorrow, I’ve got a lock down app for Android users!

Setup Guided Access:
Setup App Restrictions: