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Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2015

Bravo Tipping App

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If you know any working musicians, you know how hard they work and how grateful they are for tips from the audience.

Running up to the tip jar is the status quo, but there are times when you may not be able to do when you don’t have any cash on you.

We’re all less dependant on cash these days and people in the service industry often suffer as a result.

Well there’s an app that might make it a little easier for those in the service industry to get the tips they deserve.

It’s called Bravo and it makes it really easy to electronically tip guides, musicians, valets or anyone in the hospitality industry when cash isn’t an option.

My suggestion for musicians is the make a sign promoting the Bravo app near their tip jar, so audience members can download the app and e-tip them throughout the night.

Whether you’re the tipper or the tipee, I say Bravo to the Bravo app!