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Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2015

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Today’s tip deals with the ongoing issue that we all struggle with every shopping.

Paper lists, text messages, emails, chalkboards on the frig and keeping track of what you have on hand play a weekly role.

The larger your family is, the bigger the problem is because requests for items can come from anyone on any day from any one of these communication channels.

Well, if you want to reduce the chances of missing something on your next grocery run, checkout an app called Capitan.

Capitan is a grocery list on steroids that can learn what you regularly buy as well as group things like they are displayed in the grocery store.

Using the location services on your phone, the app can also remind you to pick up items when you walk into the grocery store and also alert your family members that you are at the store in case they need you to pick up something extra.

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