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Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2015

EveryStory Interactive Photos

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In my continuing quest to find photography apps and resources that let you better leverage the power of your smartphone, I bring you EveryStory.

Most of us have a tough time journaling our adventures; even remembering to add a caption that properly articulates the moment can be a challenge.

EveryStory is trying to make documenting your experiences much easier by allowing you to record your voice to explain the moment behind each image.

It’s an easy way to turn your photo albums into an interactive experience with a lot more depth, because your voice is leading the journey.

You can assemble your project via an app on your smartphone or use the website to bulk upload pictures from your computer.

Once you have the images you want in the album, you use your smartphone’s microphone to add your voice annotations.

You can even create groups so others can contribute to the album.

If you’re interested in bringing your photo memories to life, checkout