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Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2016

Oakley Radar Pace Virtual Coach

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Serious athletes are surrounded by personal trainers that constantly give them feedback on what they’re doing.

Most of us don’t need and can’t afford that level of feedback, so for the rest of us, Oakley is working on the Radar Pace sunglasses.

It’s a joint venture with Intel that are sunglasses powered by a Siri like interface that provides constant feedback about your workouts.

Radar Pace will reportedly integrate with other sensors and a workout program so you can say things like “Hey Radar, what's my workout today?” or “How’s my Pace” and get immediate feedback.

You’ll also get feedback through the earpiece from your virtual coach when it feels like you can push a little harder, so it can act more like a coach would.

Oakley has not confirmed a release date or even a price, but with several other companies like Garmin and Recon working on similar activity headsets, expect to see products in this category hit the market later this year.