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Original Air Date: May 2, 2016

Road Warrior Browser Tip

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If you’re a road warrior, you probably run into Internet access that’s a bit limited in speed when you’re traveling.

Whether it’s in hotels & coffee shops or on an airplane, your speed is very limited because you’re sharing it with everyone else.

Today’s media rich ad-driven websites can be particularly slow on airplane wifi.

There are ways to manually optimize your browser for slower connections, but it would require that you switch it back and forth or create a second optimzed profile.

My preferred tool for when I’m on the road is the Opera browser.

This lesser known browser has some interesting tricks up its sleeve with options like Opera Turbo which optimizes content on cloud servers first, which can reduce download times.

Blocking unnecessary elements such as Flash ad boxes unless you click on them will also, which reduces the load.

If things get really slow, you can block all images which can get you to your desired text much faster.

I’ve posted the link to Opera along with other suggestions from my advice column which is posted at