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Original Air Date: May 4, 2016

Android Call Recorder App

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A friend recently asked me if I knew of any apps that would allow him to record phone conversations taken on an Android smartphone.

He told me that he was looking for a solution that would help him create training material.

Anyone wanting to do this needs to understand the various wiretapping statutes that tend to vary from state to state.

Unless you know for sure, it’s best to play it safe by notifying anyone on the call that it’s being recorded.

Of all the apps that I tested, a free app called Call Recorder seemed to the job quite effectively.

Once you download and install the app, a tiny red ‘record' dot appears in the upper left corner whenever you place or answer a call.

Anytime you want to record a call, you just tap on the red dot and then again, when you want to end the recording.

It captures lots of great info including the date, time and duration of the call as well as the caller ID, automatically!

Once the recording is complete, you can save it to your phone or share in any number of ways.

The free Call Recorder app an be downloaded from the Google Play store.