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Original Air Date: May 5, 2016

Death and Online Accounts

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Today’s tech tip is on a rather uncomfortable subject: death.

So much of our lives are tied up in online accounts that if you meet with an untimely death, your family members could be faced with an enormous task in the midst of grieving.

If you pass away and no one in your family has any of your passwords, the process for unlocking online accounts is different for each company, so the process would become very time consuming and frustrating.

The security measures that are in place to keep malicious users from accessing your accounts will become a roadblock when your family attempts to settle your affairs.

Storing your passwords in a safety deposit box or password managing program is good start but your passwords will change over time.

The most important passwords for someone you trust to have is to your e-mail account, since that’s where password reset requests get sent.

Whoever is tasked with settling your affairs can use your e-mail account to know what online accounts you used and get passwords reset if necessary.

It’s not fun to think about, but it’s something you should be thinking about!