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Original Air Date: May 9, 2016

2 Factor Verification Reminder

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Hackers have focused their attention on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook because they can leverage compromised accounts to wreak serious havoc on your network of friends.

In most cases, they'll send malicious links to all your friends so they too can become victims using your account.

We’ve repeatedly stressed that activating ‘two factor authentication’ is a solid method way to avoid becoming a victim even if someone discovers your username and password.

By requiring two things to gain access to your account, two factor authentication prevents outside access to your account unless they can also steal your smartphone.

Activating this option in online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail or any service that offers it, will cause a special code to be generated whenever anyone tries to access your account from a device that isn’t recognized.

Without that specific code, which is also time sensitive, the malicious user can’t get in, even though they have both your username and password.

It also becomes an early warning system for when your credentials are compromised, so turn it on today!