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Original Air Date: May 11, 2016

Grabbing YouTube Videos

If watching YouTube videos when you aren’t online or if you like a music video and want to grab just the audio as an MP3 file are of interest, there’s actually a simple way to do it.

Of all the sites that are offering to provide this type of help, one of my favorites is a site called because you don’t have to be a nerd to use it.

All that’s required is copying the YouTube video link from the video and pasting it into the Dirpy interface to get your options.

If you just want the generate a music file, you just choose the audio quality and tap the download button.

If you want more, like a complete video, you can select a low resolution to save space or high resolution to get a 720p copy of the video that you can watch whenever you want.

Once you grab the video or audio that you desire, It’ll be on your hard drive or you can transfer it to your mobile devices and for on demand viewing or listening.

Dirpy is really useful if you’re going on a long trip with young kids, because you can keep them entertained without a WiFi connection and it’s free!