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Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2016

Better iPad Pictures

If you own one of the iPad models with a built-in camera, you've likely figured out that the image quality that it produces isn’t nearly as good as your iPhone.

The biggest difference is in the optics of iPad camera; they're just not that sophisticated, but I know lots of people that prefer having the large display to get a shot.

If you really want to use your iPad for photography, a way to vastly improve the sophistication is by using one of the photography apps designed to boost the image quality on the iPad.

One of my favorites is called Blux Camera for iPad because it has a number of features that will help you step up the quality of the images you can capture.

Rather than waiting until you take the picture to give you various filters and adjustable photo settings, the Blux app gives you the controls on-screen before you take the shot!

Another helpful feature is called PEAR, which stands for Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation.

It's like having an experienced photo assistant giving you suggestions on how to get a better shot based on the environment you are shooting in.

I've posted the direct link to the Blux App at