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Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2016

Smartphones as Remotes

Just how many remote control devices are laying around your living room right now?

And even if you've gotten it down to one universal remote, how often are you having to go search for it?

You always have your smartphone, so wouldn't it be awesome if you could just turn it into your universal remote?

Well, you may have a smartphone that's got the hardware and only needs an app to make it happen.

Any Android handset that has infrared built-in needs only to install a free app called Peel to turn it into a universal remote device.

If you're an iPhone user, you can get a device called Pronto which pairs with the free Peel app to get the job done on iOS devices.

The Pronto costs about $50 and is essentially a multi-directional receiver/transmitter that has a range of about 80 feet.

It uses common AA batteries which should last about a year, so it can be set up just about anywhere in your house.

It's currently designed to work with iPhones only, but a long-rumored Android version is supposedly in the works.

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